15+ years of the UMPRUM Visual Arts master’s program in English

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15+ years of the UMPRUM Visual Arts master’s program in English

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This exhibition aims tocommemorate almost twodecades of the Visual Arts master‘s program in English at UMPRUM. Works by program graduates operating in fields ranging from glass to performance will celebrate the diverse legacy of the program, while a rich accompanying program will allow the public to engage in the type of multidisciplinary dialogue the VA program prides itself on.

Who we are

The start

Visual Arts masters program at UPRUM

In 2006, UMPRUM founded the Visual Arts program, which offered students the opportunity to earn their master’s degree in art and design in English. This was done with the dual intentions of offering the school’s expertise in the fine and applied arts to the wider world and of simultaneously opening the school’s doors to outside influence.

Two goals

The potential impact of the program

In the nearly two decades since, those two goals have been largely met and with the increased numbers of students enrolled, the potential impact of the program has only grown. During their time in the program, the students divide their efforts between working in their respective fields of study in art and design and taking part in Visual Arts trips, exhibitions, lectures, and workshops

Collective activities

strong bonds that manifest in both friendship and professional collaboration

These collective activities allow members of the program to form strong bonds that manifest in both friendship and professional collaboration – a dynamic that means that one of the hallmarks of the program has always been a sense of team spirit. With 100 graduates of the VA to date, this exhibition is therefore intended not only as a celebration thereof, but also as a window into the many creative approaches represented by the program’s alumni. Additionally, it is also meant as a tangible manifestation of ongoing VA camaraderie.

Exhibiting VA graduates:

Exhibiting VA graduates

Luis Guillermo Cerdas (Kostarika); Çiğdem Çevrim (Turecko);
Emel Erdem (Turecko); Sebastián Segura Espinel (Kolumbie); Ine Harrang (Norsko); Jung-Jiea Hung (Taiwan); Yu-Lin Huang (Taiwan); Giselle Olguin Jimenez (Mexiko); Saki Matsumoto (Japonsko); Jimena Elizalde Mendoza (Mexiko); Yumiko Ono (Japonsko); Akira Otsubo (Japonsko); Yui Ozaki (Japonsko); Lucio Fuentes (Mexiko); Jorge Abraham Garcia Razo, (Mexiko); Fernando Echeverría (Ekvádor); Marta Savignano (Itálie); María Andrea Miranda Serna (Kolumbie); Miyuki Shiotsu (Japonsko); Kateřina Šachová (ČR); Winnie Tan (Singapur); Ayaka Tajiri (Japonsko); Jonne Väisänen (Finsko); David Yule (Austrálie); Byoung Chan Yun (Jižní Korea)



Jena Jang

Jena Jang is a Korean audiovisual artist based in Prague. Her doctoral research, “Contemporary Art of Healing (2019–),” is a multidisciplinary ritual performance that attempts to illustrate the processes of self-healing, trance, and energy purification through audiovisual art mediums. She works with vocal improvisation that ranges from chanting to screaming, focusing on the non-verbal voice as an instrument, and intends to create authentic sound for contemporary forms of spiritual practices. Her music composition is based on field recordings that she syncs with live visuals that she uses for her own performances or concerts by other musicians as well.

Will be announced

Abhishek Chaudhary

Abhi is a Prague-based artistic researcher working within the orbits of sound design, audiovisual performances, and music composition. As part of the VAvoomvoom exhibition, he will curate a live sound collage improvisation session that builds upon his recent experiments in exploring materiality through digitally manipulated and created sound and serves as a preview of his work-in-progress from his upcoming album.

Workshop & Performance
Will be announced

Luis Cerdas

The intention of those workshops will be centered onto transmit on a basic and easy way to the people who have not been in contact with the technique of engraving, how to deal and experiment with this process. It will be open to explore the technique and try to create new alternatives of it. ( in this case using the linoleum as media). At the same time, how to work with the printing onto traditional supports (paper and textile) and non traditional supports such as wood, skateboards, clay, clothing, ect. There will be simple explanations of how to operate the tools for the carving part of the work and also the process of how to ink and prepare the colors for the printing part of the process, therefore the manipulation of the ink and the supports to get a clean and presentable final work. As well, it will be an open space for the exploration and experimentation of the technique with different supports and alternatives to get new and different results of the final print.

Will be announced

David Yule

Under the leadership of David Yule, Glass Studio graduate, UMPRUM, you can become a glassblower yourself for a while. You can try to blow the glass with a blowpipe or you will shape the hot glass according to your imagination. You can also try other glass techniques, such as torch work and sandblasting.

Big thanks to Pragl (Prague Glass Experience) where the workshop will take place. 

Pragl, Malé náměstí 7, Prague 1, 110 00

Will be announced

Chloé Burkiewicz and Léo Hivert

After few years of collaboration The Undertaker’s tapes, Léo Hivert based dj and wrong crew members as well as Chloé Burkiewitcz French born visual artist known under Catastrophe Existentielle. Focusing on intermedia, editions and installation, Catastrophe existentialle is an extension from the practice of Chloé into other medias and focuses on raw and uncompromising imagery. Ethereal, ambient and drone music with live vocals including poetry of failure, desire and despair. Video installation already showcased in Berlin and Bratislava including digital manipulation of canvas footage, glitch and degrade.

Exhibition team

Kurátorský tým / Curatorial team:
Hana Smělá (ČR), Conrad Eric Armstrong (USA), Saki Matsumoto (Japonsko), Jimena Mendoza (Mexiko) 

Grafický design / Graphic design
Christian Bulmahn (Německo)

Architektura výstavy / Exhibition architecture:
Kristin Jermstad Gravdal (Norsko)

Pomoc při instalaci / Installation assistants:
Himanshu Choudhary (Indie), Giselle Olguin Jimenez (Mexiko), Lucio Fuentes (Mexiko)